Dr. Jorge can provide talks and motivational speeches to any sized group about almost any medical topic.  You will not be disappointed.  Dr. Jorge is known for giving the best talks in the business.   Just contact us with dates and we can start discussing pricing etc.    Here are some of Dr. Jorge’s topics (but don’t be afraid to ask for some specifically tailored to your group).

  • Obesity:  Lack of willpower or addiction to sugar?
  • Close the Fridge/Open the Gym Door
  • What kills us (A guide to America’s Silent Killer Diseases) and How to Defeat it
  • Diabetes:  How Sweet it Isn’t
  • Dropping Acid – The Truth about Heartburn
  • Five Things I can do to Live Longer
  • So you think you know what a CARB is?
  • Turn off WebMD – talk to a REAL doctor.
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