Wellness Wednesday – FB Live video about symptoms of Diabetes you can’t ignore!


Before you can treat diabetes….you need to know that you have it. Find out the symptoms of diabetes in this quick LIVE chat video I made today for Wellness Wednesday. And you ladies… listen up, you have special health issues that put you at higher risk!!

Please share. You never know who’s life you might be saving. diabetessolutionforwomen.com

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You TOO Can Treat Your Diabetes Naturally and SUCCEED

This is the story of Cate. A health educator that should have known all about diabetes and how to treat it. Unfortunately it is difficult to walk the walk. She had trouble controlling her weight and her blood sugar… until she read The Diabetes Solution. In a few months she lost over 20 pounds. Her A1C dropped by almost 2%. She went off 75% of her medication. Here is here inspirational story.


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