When a major television show like The Today Show, CNN News, Fox News, The Doctors or The View wants a medical expert that can speak clearly and plainly about a medical subject, there is one person they all turn to:  Dr. Jorge.  When a major corporation or health fair wants a physician to give an energetic, informative and motivating lecture, they too reach out to Dr. Jorge, the man that has been called “ the Marcus Welby for the new millennium”.   Dr. Jorge, as Jorge E. Rodriguez MD has affectionately come to be known, has quickly become America’s go to medical expert.   From heartburn to heart attacks to heart ache there is no topic that Dr. Jorge cannot make accessible to the general public.   To quote Whoopi Goldberg:   “Dr. Jorge always makes everything so easy to understand.”

Born in Havana, Cuba and having immigrated to the U.S. as a toddler, Dr. Jorge has lived all over this country, from Miami, to Detroit, to New York City, to Dallas, to New Orleans and now to Los Angeles.  He graduated magna cum laude with a degree in chemistry from the University of Miami.  (Bring up college football at your own risk. He is a rabid University of Miami Hurricane fan!)  After obtaining his Medical Doctorate from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, he completed his residency in Internal Medicine at the Tulane Medical School and became board certified in Internal Medicine.  Dr. Jorge went on to do a fellowship in Digestive and Liver Diseases at the very prestigious Baylor Medical Center in Dallas Texas.

During the heartbreaking 1980’s Dr. Jorge became a leading international researcher and clinician in the fight against HIV.   He has been principal investigator in over 90 clinical research studies and was one of the founding members of the American Academy of HIV Medicine.  Now that the HIV epidemic is under much greater control, Dr. Jorge has shifted his emphasis toward improving public health by focusing on the new epidemics:  diabetes, heart disease and obesity.   His greatest tool is effective and motivating communication.   He is the author of two best selling health related books and continues doing research and seeing private patients.  Whether it is one on one or lecturing to an audience of thousands, he can be found spreading his mantra that good health and longevity begin with knowledge and the development of healthy habits.

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